Five Online Address Book Services Review

Five Online Address Book Services Review

Some of you still remember Edward Snowden incident some time ago, right? This incident reminds me of some security issue that may happen if you were to place company confidential information on the cloud service such as Gmail or iCloud. Perhaps we should reconsider where to place our precious and sensitive contact information on the cloud. If you are just using it for specific but trivial purpose like wedding, you may choose some free services such as Zexer.
  1. Yahoo! -
    This contacts service is always there on its web based interface, OS X, OS, and Android. To use it under Windows Outlook environment, you need an add-in such as EVO Collaborator for Outlook.
  2. iCloud -
    This address book service is a good one under Apple machines and devices. Though it has an iCloud control panel but it has a few problems. If you want to use its birthday reminders, you need to have an iPhone.
  3. fruux (Germany) -
    This service has a good web base GUI and yet provides tutorials on how to set up in different platforms.
  4. QQ and 163 (China) -
    If you are somewhere in China, these two service providers are the ones you can count on.
  5. Google -
    Why Google is still on the list? The reason being is that Gmail still works well with Apple and Android devices. If you happen to be Outlook victims, then you still can survive by syncing items through some kind of add-in from third-party software vendor such as EVO Collaborator for Outlook.
If you were to use more than one service from above in you Outlook, then you may want to try EVO Collaborator for Outlook. It is compatible with all services mentioned plus some other on-premise CardDAV/CalDAV platforms, paid or free mail server such as EVO MailServer, OwnCloud, Zimbra, SabreDAV and etc.

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