How do I sync Toodledo with Outlook?

How do I sync Toodledo with Outlook?

Toodledo has been a quite popular task management service for the past few years. Being different from regular Google Tasks, Yahoo! Tasks and  iCloud Reminder, Toodledo provides multi-dimensional ways of keeping your tasks in various areas such as Life Goals, Folder, Location, GTD, and Subtasks. Especially, GTD believers found Toodledo suitable to arrange their to-do lists efficiently that they will not drop or forget what has to be done.

One task is capable of existing in several categories at the same time through its relative interconnectivity to other tasks. It is only available if you have either free or paid services from Toodledo.com.

Toodledo is available in Toodledo’s own web GUI, iPhone and Android app. Even some third party applications support it with write/read or read-only one way or another. Somehow, discussions have been going on for quite a while on a working and useful plug-ins that sync between Toodledo and Outlook. 

Before I start to try all those plug-in recommendations, I received a newsletter from EVO about the availability on supporting Toodledo. I guess I might as well start with this since I bought EVO Collaborator for Outlook a long time ago.

How do I configure EVO Collaborator for Outlook to sync with Toodledo?

  1. Click on Configure profile
  2. Select Profile 13 – Not configured
  3. Click on TEST
  4. In Toodledo’s Authorize window, enter your username and password
  5. Click on Authorize
  6. Once completed, click cross at top-right
  7. A Success box will pop up and we are done

After your Toodledo account is properly configured, we need to verify if we are able to sync tasks.

  1. Create a task on Toodledo web GUI
  2. Manipulate task’s property such as folder, context, goal, location, status, priority and tags
  3. Once task is synchronized with Outlook, go to Outlook and check the matching item in Tasks section
  4. Take a look at various symbols under category, they match each of the task’s property that you just manipulated on web GUI.
  5. Reversely, edit the testing task’s properties such as title and elements in category. Then check back with your Toodledo web-GUI and see if sync takes place.
  6. Here is the emoji mapping table for your reference:

    Star emoji: ★☆

    Folder emoji: 📂
    Context emoji: @

    Goal emoji: 🏁
    Location emoji: 📍
    Status emoji: ☑

    Possible values:

    Priority emoji: 🏃
    Possible values:
I think EVO Collaborator for Outlook is doing a decent job this time to incorporate Toodledo into Outlook and it comes in handy for those who use both Toodledo and Outlook.

Synchronize Google Tasks with Outlook

Synchronize Google Tasks with Outlook

Some readers of my blog asked if it is possible to sync Google Tasks with Outlook? I told them to use Tasks feature of iCloud or Yahoo!. They said it is not the same. Then, I started to wonder why a lot of users are so getting used to Google Tasks?

Google Tasks API vs. CalDAV Tasks API

After doing some research, I found Google Tasks API is actually not the same with CalDAV protocol like others do and it is not compatible with CalDAV Tasks. 

As a Google user, you should notice that Google Tasks sticks with Gmail rather than Google Calendar (using CalDAV API) in your Google account. Meanwhile CalDAV Tasks and CalDAV Appointments belong to the same family. 

One of the Google Tasks API’s advantages is the tree structure of Tasks that tasks can be created under one another. It is sort of task and sub-task relationship.

Testing ECO’s new feature

Not long ago, I received a newsletter from EVO Software Production telling me that its EVO Collaborator for Outlook is now compatible with Google Tasks. I did not pay too much attention to it.

Since I have ECO on my computer, let us examine if EVO Collaborator for Outlook really works for Google Tasks:

  1. Download the latest release of ECO from EVO’s official website
  2. Install ECO with administrator’s privilege
  3. Open Configure profile from EVO ribbon and fill up Gmail account
  4. Click on TEST and finish Gmail OAuth routine
  5. You will see Tasks URL is automatically filled in with matching URL address
  6. Next to Tasks URL, you will see a folder icon if you do have multiple task folders. Click on it to select which folder you like to use
  7. Click on Apply and Quit.
  8. After synchronization is completed, go to Tasks and you will see items are being listed

ECO seems to be working on Google Tasks. But, we need to confirm that if Outlook feature such as Importance and Gmail Tasks’ tree structure will be ripped off? I wrote back to EVO staffs and mentioned about this concern. They told me not to worry about it for all metadata will be well preserved.

Yesterday, I installed ECO for my colleagues. They saw their Google Tasks sync result and check back what they have on their Gmail web-GUI. They were very happy about it.

Six useful Outlook Add-ins

Six useful Outlook Add-ins

As quoted from http://emailclientmarketshare.com/, desktop Outlook users are just behind portable devices and Gmail’s web-GUI. We are talking about 9% out of 1.16 billion users worldwide. In other words, there are 100 million desktop users that stick with Outlook desktop software. 

Lots of extra features are missing from the original package. Yet, many software vendors have developed Outlook add-ins through program API for Outlook. These utilities are fairly small and quite handy when you need to do tasks that require features missing from Outlook itself.

Here is a wish list of add-ins that may be exactly what you need:

  1. Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector

    With this add-in, your desktop Outlook is able to access and manage e-mails, contacts and calendars of your hotmail.com, outlook.com and live.com. Supporting Outlook 2003 to 2010 x86 & x64 compatible.
  2. Duplicate Email Remover

    Remover detects duplicate email messages according to your pre-configured criteria and there are flexible ways for users to decide what to do with them. Supporting Outlook XP to 2013.
  3. Outlook Password

    Recovers Outlook Personal Storage files (Personal Folders or Outlook Data files) as well as e-mail account passwords and server settings saved in Microsoft Outlook records. Supporting Outlook 97 to 2013 x86 & x64 compatible.

  4. Email Scheduler

    Sends specific messages with attachment of selected individual files or files within a selected folder once at selected time and date or on a periodic basis. Supporting Outlook XP to 2013.
  5. YouSendIt

    A large file delivery service by Hightail. Different levels of subscription is available according to your needs. Files are sent over secure TLS/SSL connections
  6. EVO Collaborator for Outlook

    Accessing contacts, calendars and tasks of your cloud services such as Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, fruux, QQ.com, 163.com, DaviCAL, Kolab, Toodledo, MI.com, Yandex.ru, Mail.ru. Additionally, you can also connect to your on-premises CardDAV/CalDAV services such as Baikal, ownCloud, Zimbra and EVO Mail Server.