Sync Google Calendar and Gmail with Outlook in real-time Push Notification

Sync Google Calendar and Gmail with Outlook in real-time Push Notification

It has been 2 years since I last wrote the article about “How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook”. Lots of things have changed since then. Now, many of you already know how to sync Google Calendar and address book with Office 365, Outlook 2019/2016/2010/2013/2007. Today, I am going to update this article and elaborate on how to also sync Google Task with Outlook, how to sync Google Calendar in real-time, and how to sync Gmail’s INBOX under Outlook in real-time using IMAP and Push Notification technology.

To refresh our memories:

Google Calendar Sync: Error syncing your calendar.Error code: 2016.Please see our Help Center for more information.

The above error message started to pop up back in August/4/2014 when you were trying to use Google’s free Google Calendar Sync for Outlook. The reason was that Google terminated access of this free application to its synchronization services. Instead of providing free services, users must pay to continue using the successor called GASMO (Google App Sync for Microsoft Outlook) while Microsoft still has not yet implemented a way to sync with Google’s contact/calendar/task in its most recent Outlook 2016/2019. Free Gmail users have been looking for an alternative to GASMO on their Outlook even until now.

Push Technology

Other than GASMO matter, I believe that many of you are using Android smart phones. When your Gmail account has e-mails coming in, your smartphone will notify you. Perhaps you are getting so used to it and you do not realize that it is the Gmail Push Email feature doing the job. With this push notification scheme, you can receive emails in real-time. However, when you use Outlook, it is still only designed to check for emails every few minutes. Is there any way for Outlook to also achieve such real-time Gmail INBOX sync?

What is real-time Google Calendar Sync with Outlook?

Calendar entries you created elsewhere (for example on an android smartphone) are pushed to your other devices or software immediately.  As far as I know, almost all other sync tools still rely on manual or sync-counter to pull new entries from Google Calendar. 

What is Gmail Push Notification?

Gmail’s new email arrivals can be pushed via Gmail Push Notification. When new mails arrived at your Gmail INBOX, Google will send a notification to your device or software. Then, you will hear an alert sound and automatically initiate a quick mail sync for the Gmail INBOX.

Is it possible for us to sync both Gmail emails and Gmail Calendar with Microsoft Outlook in real-time as mentioned above?

Of course, you can! EVO Collaborator for Outlook is handling the jobs for you. Other than synchronizing Gmail contacts and tasks with Outlook, you will experience the advantage of real-time sync upgrade from timer-sync over Gmail Calendar and your existing Gmail IMAP INBOX.

Technology behind EVO Collaborator for Outlook

EVO collaborator for Outlook uses many different Google API, including Google Contacts API, Google Calendar API, Gmail API, Google Tasks API so that Outlook can talk to Google services. Meanwhile, CardDAV and CalDAV are also implemented to make synchronizations with popular CardDAV and CalDAV services possible, such as iCloud, Synology, Yahoo!, GMX, ownCloud and etc. 

Recap of ECO sync with Google contacts, calendars and tasks

1. Download and install EVO Collaborator for Outlook with Run as administrator

2. Open Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016 and click on EVO ribbon

3. Click on Configure profile and select Profile #6 

4. Enter your Gmail account (if you have Gmail configured in Outlook, your Gmail account is auto-detected and listed in the email space) and click on TEST to proceed Google OAuth 

5. Once authenticated, click on Apply and Quit to leave Confgiure profile window. Synchronization will take place. Be sure to click on Calendar/People/Tasks section at lower-left within Outlook and you will find your contact/calendar/task entries inside Gmail contacts/Gmail calendar/Gmail task respectively.

An ultimate and complete Gmail companion for outlook is finally here.

With ECO’s Google contacts/calendar/tasks sync as well as Google Calendar Push Notification and Gmail Push Notification technology on Outlook, now Microsoft’s Outlook and Google’s Gmail are now finally like a family.

This is also the main reason I think EVO Collaborator for Outlook works better than gSyncit, Outlook Google Calendar Synchronization or Companionlink's Google Calendar Sync tool. When it comes to calendar sync matter, it would be much nicer if users gets reminded via Gmail Push Notification. Otherwise, a meeting invitation may be past due before the calendar event is synced periodically or manually.

Synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook


  1. Incredibly useful. I've just upgraded to Outlook 2016 and was despairing I would lost any hope of linking with my Gmail calendar.

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