How to BCC in Outlook?

What is BCC in email?

In term of e-mail knowledge, BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. It serves a purpose of sending extra e-mail messages to another party without acknowledging recipients in both To: and CC: fields of such forwarding action.

In Outlook, BCC is missing?

If you use Outlook at work, you probably have met some situation where you need to BCC outgoing e-mail messages to your boss for various reasons. However, when you click on New Email to start writing, you do not see BCC field anywhere. How do we display BCC field?

It is easy! In New Email window, simply click on OPTIONS on menu and click on Bcc button above Show Fields. Then, you will see an extra field of Bcc... popping up below Cc.... This field will stay there permanently in the future when you write new e-mails.

How to BCC sender itself?

When an e-mail is sent, there will be a copy in Sent Items folder. It is technically a way of auto BCC sender itself. However, it is hard to trace a particular e-mail among hundreds of sent items. This method does work out very well.

Some thinks that you can create a rule to send a copy of sent items to a specified folder when some pre-defined conditions are met. But, there is one drawback that you cannot filter BCC yourself the outgoing mails.

Auto BCC via VBA?

By using Outlook's Rules and Alerts feature, it is only possible to CC to other e-mail addresses. Then, how to perform auto-BCC? Please refer to this article of How to send Auto BCC emails in Outlook 2013/2016?. It is not as efficient for regular desktop users because it requires certain knowledge of program coding and it is not ready to use.

Auto BCC via Third-party Outlook Add-in?

The simplest way to get the job done is using a third-party Outlook add-in. There are a few venders out there, such as Power Toys for Outlook's ABCC, AbleBits's Auto BCC, and etc. The concept is as straight forward as listing BCC recipients, defining filter rules and done.

Using an add-in with filter to trigger auto-BCC enables users to selectively send e-mail messages when certain conditions are met. It fits better into daily practice unlike auto BCC via VBA forwarding every e-mail every time.

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