How to setup Yahoo! POP in Outlook? How to setup Yahoo! IMAP in Outlook?

How to setup Yahoo! POP in Outlook? How to setup Yahoo! IMAP in Outlook?

A majority of users are used to using Yahoo! on browsers. However, there are occasions integrating Yahoo! accounts into Outlook user-interface is more convenient. Thus, we do not need to flip between Outlook and browser while working on mails between accounts under Outlook.

Most users may wonder why Yahoo! cannot be configured in Outlook lately? Recently, Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! have or will have implemented an extra security feature that require users to enter a second password for any third-party application including Outlook that is trying to access their email, calendars, contacts and tasks information.

It is called 2-step Verification. You must enable it in order to use Yahoo! under Outlook. However, Yahoo! offers App passwords in this scenario. Please read on for more detail:

  1. Log in your Yahoo! and go to Account Info. Click on Setup your second sign-in verification under Sign-In and Security.
  2. Click on Generate app password.
  3. Fill in name of software that needs access under Name the app that requires a password and click on Generate password. Write down code below Enter the app password. Click Done and leave.

 How do I setup Yahoo! email in Outlook?

1.      How to setup Outlook for Gmail? Go to Outlook, click on File at top-left and select Account settings
2.      Manually create a mail profile as usual. On Account Type, choose POP or IMAP according to your preference. Enter password which you just obtained from Generate password.

3.   Click on More settings to the right. Click on Outgoing Server tab and check the box of My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

4.      Go to next tab of Advanced, check the box of This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) and the port number will change to 995 for POP and 993 for IMAP.

5.      Then, change Outgoing server (SMTP): to 587 if value of Use the following type of encryption connection: is TLS.

6.       change Outgoing server (SMTP): to 465 if value of Use the following type of encryption connection: is SSL.

7.      Click OK to exit and OK all the way.

Now we can use Gmail's mail feature in Outlook. But what about contacts and 
alendars? There is an Outlook add-in for 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 called EVOCollaborator for Outlook and it is able
to handle this type of 2-steps verification process in Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo!. You can
download it from EVO official website and try it out.

EVO Collaborator for Outlook is compatible with:

Public contact, calendar, task services such as Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo! and fruux

On-premise CardDAV/CalDAV servers such as EVO Mail Server, Mac OS X Server,
OwnCloud and Zimbra

After ECO installation, any contact, calendar and task items created by other means of
mobile devices or web-based interface will be synced to Outlook and vice versa.

For all items before ECO installation, you may manually select items and upload them to
your CardDAV/CalDAV account.

I think it is worth every penny of it.

Please refer to the following links on how to sync popular CardDAV/CalDAV services
with Outlook.

Sync Mac OS X, Zimbra or OwnCloud with Outlook

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