Sync iCloud’s Contacts and Calendars with Outlook

Synchronize iCloud’s Contacts and Calendars with Outlook

Someone asked me about “Can he sync iCloud contacts and calendars to Outlook since iCloud Control Panel breaks down from time to time? Of course, you can do it with EVO Collaborator for Outlook, aka ECO.

ECO is an outlook plugin for CardDAV and CalDAV.

With a file size of less than 4MB, ECO and Outlook work together and perform a two-way sync of contacts, calendars and tasks between CardDAV/CalDAV services and Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019.

What are CardDAV and CalDAV anyway?

CardDAV and CalDAV are standard protocol API by IETF’s RFC for contacts and calendars. Apple is using this open standard to take care of contacts and calendars between Apple devices.

How do I do it?

It is easier than a breeze with ECO. Simply
  1. Download ECO from EVO Official Site and install it with admin’s privilege on your Outlook.
  2. Open Outlook and click on EVO ribbon at the top banner.
  3. Click on Configure profile(s)
  4. Select Profile #2 for iCloud profile. Edit it by filling in your iCloud account and app password (you have to enable 2 steps verification on Apple and create an app password)
  5. Upon sync completion, Items on your iCloud account will be sync’d to your Outlook.

Build your own Cloud!

iCloud is a great tool for individuals, but it may not be suitable when it comes down to a company-size scale where lots of information scatter around. Why not build one for your company itself?

EVO Mail Server

Download and install EVO Mail Server along with CardDAV and CalDAV addon (ECA). Once ready, all Outlook’s contacts, calendars and tasks can all go sync’d. Again, this solution I just mentioned is not a bad choice to choose from.


  1. I have been trying to sync my outlook calendar with iCloud in order to share the calendar for ages. I finally was about to try and they told me that I could not sync the two. You mention items on your iCloud account will be sync'd to outlook, what if you are looking to do it the other way around. you'd like to sync outlook to iCloud? Merely for the sharing option that is available on iCloud, which is not available for the mac version of outlook :/

  2. Ben, I set it up but iCloud server responds with "unauthorized". I am sure this has something to do with the two step authentication. do you have any ideas. Thanks

  3. hi Williams,
    yes you will have to sign in and manage your apple id, and create app specific password, and then you can use the password with eco successfully