Sync Outlook with Kerio Connect Server

Sync Outlook with Kerio Connect Server 

Kerio Connect Server is a popular messaging solution for mid and small business companies. One of its useful features is sharing contacts, calendars and tasks for collaboration purposes. 

A decent Exchange alternative

To be an Exchange alternative other than free mail server, Kerio provides its own Outlook Connector that enables Outlook users to access their information on Kerio Connect Server. Somehow, there has been user feedback saying it is running slow.

Exploring Mysterious CardDAV and CalDAV URLs

Nevertheless, when we want to access CardDAV and CalDAV data on Kerio Connect Server from third-party software, such as Thunderbird, we need to know URLs of contact, calendar and task. In fact, Kerio’s KB (http://kb.kerio.com/product/kerio-connect/email-clients/mobile-devices/manual-configuration-of-caldav-and-carddav-accounts-1327.html) has tutorials on this but those URLs fail to work.

In discovering URLs that really work

Here, I found EVO Collaborator for Outlook handy and it works on CardDAV and CalDAV URLs auto discovery. Here is how:

  1. Download and install EVO Collaborator for Outlook from its official website
  2. Open Outlook and go to Configure profiles

  3. Enter your Kerio Connect Server IP like this:

  4. Enter username and password. Then click on TEST
  5. CardDAV URL and CalDAV URLs will appear, shown as below:

Personal and Public folders 

In ECO’s Configure profiles, right next to the URLs, we click on the folder icons to choose between Personal or Public folder. If you select public folder, then public URLs will show. From the end-result, we find these URLs are different from what Kerio’s KB taught us.

If you do use Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019, then you can continue with ECO. If you need to access Kerio server from Thunderbird, you can copy and paste the above URLs within SoGO connector and Lightning plug-ins for Thunderbird.


  1. Hello!

    Could you please tell me which version of EVO Collaborator for Outlook you were using? I've tried with the latest version, but I can't find button to switch to public folder, and public address book is actually the only one I need.

    Best regards

    1. hello,
      the folder selection button will appear after the TEST procedure is done, you can select the folder after you do that.

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  3. Or could you just tell me the difference between URLs of Personal and Public folders?

    Best regards,

    1. hello,
      you can select the folder url after the TEST is done.