How to sync Yahoo! calendar and contacts with Outlook 2016?

Import/Export and Synchronize Yahoo! address book and agenda to Outlook

A few days ago, one of my friend who works in an IT department of a global company complained about:

"My colleagues from the States keep on bugging me. They want me to import their Yahoo! Address book and Appointment information into Outlook 2016, 2007, 2010 and 2013 on their laptops for there is too much information to be merged that they cannot afford to miss it. Now, I feel headache comes back because the good old Yahoo! Sync is no good anymore. What am I supposed to do?”

When I knew this, I gave him a suggestion: Try EVOCollaborator for Outlook! For this piece of software, I had previously mentioned to all of you guys about how amazing it is on importing Contact and Calendar from Gmail and iCloud, right?

However, the older build could only perform a read-only task on Yahoo! Contact and Calendar. Just a few days ago, I read about software update history from EVO Mail Server website about ECO, we now can perform read/write/delete tasks on Yahoo! CardDAV and CalDAV!

Let’s see how it can be done:

  1. Outlook and Download ECO from EVO's Official Download
  2. Open Outlook and enter ECO’s “Configure Profile(s)”
  3. Select the third profile from the top at the left-hand side: YAHOO!
  4. At the right-hand side, enter your complete Yahoo! E-mail address in “Full e-mail address or Username” field
  5. About the password, we need to pay close attention. Yahoo! now requires any third-party application to use a separate password called “App Password” generated within your Yahoo! account settings. With this App Password, such application can then access information within the user account.
  6. Please follow Generating App Passwords instruction to create such password and enter this generated password in “Password” field.
  7. Click on “TEST” below. Once a pop-up box showing “Success” appears, click on “Apply” and then “Quit”
  8. At this moment, ECO will initiate an automated addressbook and Calendar synchronization

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