How to sync android with iCloud calendar / contacts (or Zimbra contacts)

How to sync android with iCloud calendar / contacts (or Zimbra contacts)

Android phones occupy more than half of smartphone population worldwide. Many of the Samsung galaxy, Sony Xperia and HTC users are asking the following question:

How to sync Android with iCloud (or Zimbra)

These Android phone owners just barely got their new phones or they decide to try out new generation of iPhones. They are spending lots of time migrating or moving between iPhone iOS and Android back and forth. Therefore, data syncing has become a common issue along the way.

We all know that Google phones, such as Nexus, are working fine with Gmail seamlessly. However, what about cloud services such as iCloud, Zimbra, OwnCloud and etc? What if we need to synchronize Android calendars and address books with iCloud (iPhone/iTunes)?

There are two APPs that can help you out: CardDAV-sync and CalDAV-sync.

CardDAV-sync is available at Google Play store.

It helps your Android phone to synchronize contacts with Apple iCloud or Zimbra or other generic CardDAV services.

CalDAV-sync is available at Google Play store.

This App makes it possible for your Google Smartphone to sync calendars with iCloud, OwnCloud or other generic CalDAV services such as EVO Mail Server Prime.

Why CardDAV-sync and CalDAV-sync are able to perform such tasks? The reason behind is that all the major cloud services are operating based on CardDAV and CalDAV protocols. You can check these APPs out on their website: http://www.dmfs.org/ These two APPs cost you a few dollars but it is worth every of your penny.

The above solution is for users on Android platform. What about Outlook platform? What if you want to synchronize Gmail/iCloud contacts and calendars with Outlook?
You can try download EVO Collaborator for Outlook. This outlook add-in is very easy to setup and it can sync your Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 with Gmail/iCloud account almost instantly. For any modern mobile users, CardDAV-sync, CalDAV-sync & EVO Collaborator for Outlook are 3 must-have for better productivity on the road.

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