How to synchronize Nextcloud contact, calendar and task with Outlook?

How to sync outlook calendar with Nextcloud?

For you ownCloud fellows, you should already heard of founding engineering crews from ownCloud left the company and created a brand new company called Nextcloud. Theoretically, Nextcloud and ownCloud should share the same or similar concept in the server backend. 

Out of curiosity, I want to check if EVO Collaborator for Outlook is compatible with Nextcloud. I applied for a trial account on Nextcloud (https://demo.nextcloud.com/). The server path is https://nextcloud_server/<username>/remote.php/, which (looks pretty familiar lol?) is what you would enter hostname space if you were to have an account from a Nextcloud service provider. 

However, if you run your own Nextcloud server, the server URL is the same as ownCloud and I think that looks very familiar to me: https://<nextcloud_server>/remote.php/

Therefore, we can still use EVO Collaborator for Outlook to synchronize Nextcloud’s contact, calendar and task with Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019.

After some basic tests, I think everything works fine, if you find any problem maybe you can contact next cloud or evo staff.

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  1. I have tried both caldav-synchronizer and evo collaborator and I believed that it's easier to use EVO. especially when you are trying to deploy caldav on large amount of outlook PCs, the auto detection of URL really helped a a lot.