How to sync Outlook calendar and contact with gmx.de, gmx.ch, gmx.at, gmx.com, gmx.us and web.de?

How to sync Outlook calendar and contact with gmx.de and web.de?

Both gmx.de and web.de are popular cloud service providers in Germany. They are among the few providers that host paid or even free mail servers and keep customers’ data domestically in Germany. Ever since Snowden's incident, people start to doubt Google or Apple is able to provide data security against NSA. 

Gmx.de and web.de provide easy-to-use and decent mail, calendar, contact & task cloud service for their users. However, if you search for a solution to sync contact, calendar and task with Outlook, you will hardly find any answer even on their website search. The main reason is that Outlook does not support CalDAV and CardDAV protocol even until the recent Outlook 2016/2019.

Staffs from EVO Collaborator for Outlook is kind enough to make the synchonization possible. Yet, it is simple to configure and use. Five steps are all you need to sync your way.

  1. Download and install EVO Collaborator for Outlook
  2. Open Configure profile(s)
  3. Click on Profile gmx.de or web.de.
  4. Enter username & password in corresponding area.
  5. Click Test, Apply and Quit.
GMX cloud services are available in several country code top-level domains, such as .US, .COM, .AT, .DE, and .CH. EVO Collaborator for Outlook can auto-detect e-mail address that you entered and fill in server host name for you. The following server list is for your reference:
  1. Gmx.de account:
    a. carddav.gmx.net
    b. caldav.gmx.net
  2. Gmx.at account:
    a. carddav.gmx.net
    b. caldav.gmx.net
  3. Gmx.ch account:
    a. carddav.gmx.net
    b. caldav.gmx.ch
  4. Gmx.com or gmx.us account
    a. caldav.gmx.com
Please note that GMX.COM and GMX.US accounts do not have CardDAV service available. However, whenever CardDAV becomes available, EVO staff will make it work in future upgrade.


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