How to sync Outlook calendar with ownCloud v9.0?

How to sync Outlook calendar with ownCloud v9.0?

In Mar,2016, ownCloud v9.0 was released. Some feedbacks from existing ownCloud v8.2.3 upgrading to ownCloud v9.0 are good while some are bad. Anyway, out of curiosity, I did a test drive to check if EVO Collaborator for Outlook is compatible with it. It seems out of luck that ECO did not connect to ownCloud v9.0. I was a little disappointed because this Outlook add-in has been working for owncloud from v5.0 to v8.x. 

Later, I was trying to find some clue on ownCloud’s on-line user manual about the server URL that we need to enter on iOS devices:

The URLs look like this:
  1. CalDAV URL: ADDRESS/remote.php/caldav/principals/username
  2. CardDAV URL: ADDRESS/remote.php/carddav/principals/username
I think it is too long to remember and enter during configuration. 

Then, I contacted EVO staff about this. They said they were working on it and needed a few more days to wrap it up. A few days later, I received an e-mail from them telling me it is compatible with ownCloud v9.0 now. 

I went ahead to try it. This time, EVO staff impressed me as usual. All I need to enter is the owncloud server hostname is the following format:


Unlike ownCloud’s user manual, EVO Collaborator for Outlook’s auto-detection only took a few seconds to detect all my CardDAV and CalDAV URL just like EVO's free mail server However, only the default contact (address book), calendar and task folders can be detected unlike iCloud or Gmail. Then I did a few sync rounds back and forth between ownCloud’s web-UI and Outlook. Synchronization went smoothly. 

All I could say is that EVO Collaborator for Outlook is responding to new release of server or service on the market fast making sure Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 users can synchronize with it while improving itself toward perfection with fixes and updates. They deserve the credit of putting efforts and dedication.

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