Windows 10 port 80 used by system when you want to deploy Roundcube

Windows 10 port 80 used by system when you want to deploy Roundcube

If you were to run Roundcube Webmail along with free mail server such as EVO Mail Server on Windows 10, please note that Port 80 is pre-occupied by Windows 10 system itself. At this moment, we need to free up Port 80 by running a DOS command:

  1. Run CMD.EXE with Run as Administrator
  2. At command prompt, key in net stop http
  3. As shown in the screenshot, http service’s dependency services will also be terminated. The dependency services may more or less include the following:
    World Wide Web Publishing Service; 
    SSDP Discovery; Print Spooler; HomeGroup Provider; Function Discovery Resource Publication; Function Discovery Provider Host
  4. Enter Y to continue
  5. The port stopping drill is only temporary. 

Here is a shortcut to the above steps:

The tip above is taking off too many services at once. Therefore, I tried a little experiement of taking down one service at a time to see if it is possible to do the minimum work and achieve the same result.

I went to Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Services:

In the service list, I only picked and stopped World Wide Web Publishing Service and it was working! Yet, to avoid Port 80 to be pre-occupied by http service upon a system reboot, I changed Startup Type to Disabled as well.

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