How to synchronize Posteo's calendar and address book with Outlook?

How to synchronize Posteo's calendar and address book with Outlook?

Additional to GMX and WEB.DE, I found Posteo.de is another popular mail service provider in Germany. For the price of 1 euro per month, the services Posteo offers are worth every penny. Why I said so? It is ad-free.

Based on Posteo’s knowledgebase, Posteo’s calendar and address book synchronization with Outlook is currently supported by Bynari, cfos and OutlookDAV. Just out of curiosity to see if my EVO Collaborator for Outlook also supports it, I paid 12 Euros to take a test drive.

The result came out positive. All I did was entering server URL of https://posteo.de:8843/ as well as my full e-mail address and password. Once I clicked on TEST button, all calendar, contact and task (which seems not working because Posteo does not mention about task) URLs were well detected just like what I had with EVO's own free mail server. There was not any complication.

Then, I fooled around with adding, changing, and deleting contacts and calendars on both Posteo’s web-GUI and Outlook. The synchronization went smoothly.

For those of you who like a easy-to-use Outlook add-in to synchronize your Posteo contact and calendar with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019, I strongly recommend you to try out EVO Collaborator for Outlook.

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