How to sync with DAViCAL calendar server?

How to sync with DAViCAL calendar server?

After I posted the article about EVO Collaborator for Outlook syncing with ownCloud server, I started to receive many feedbacks wondering if EVO Collaborator for Outlook is able to support other services such as Kolab, SOGo or DAViCAL too? One of the special case is DAViCAL. They tried their luck if they can connect to DAViCAL but they failed. These audiences are running DAViCAL calendar server for company mostly. Let’s find out if EVO Collaborator for Outlook can handle the job?

Since DAViCAl is also an open-source server like ownCloud and both of them are based on CalDAV, there should be less complication to sync. However, before I test, I wrote EVO staffs and wonder if ECO supports sync with DAViCAL? They replied that "yes", so I wil give this add-in for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 a try if want. Why not, right? However, since 

Once I received the beta release, I quickly installed it and configure it following instruction given by EVO staffs as below:
  1. As usual, select Profile 15 – not configure or below
  2. Since DAViCAL seems like not being to support server auto-discovery, we need to manually enter generic DAViCAL calendar URL in space next to Calendar URL:

  3. Click TEST and Apply when authentication is complete
  4. DAViCAL calendar will start sync
I am quite impressed that EVO staffs have done a good job on picking up almost every popular CardDAV/CalDAV services either cloud or on-premises within eight months as of early march of 2015. This is an outstanding report card I should say. 

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