Setting up Outlook 2016/2019 with a CalDAV Synchronizer add-in

Setting up Outlook 2016/2019 with a CalDAV Synchronizer add-in "EVO Collaborator"

EVO Collaborator for Outlook syncs your default calendar and address book from your CardDAV or CalDAV server automatically. If you want to synchronize more than one calendar, we recommend setting up additional profile in ECO CalDAV Synchronizer.

Step 1 - Download and install plugin

To sync your CalDAV calendar in Outlook, you need to download and install the plugin ECO Outlook CalDAV Synchronization add-in.

ECO CalDAV synchronizer add-in download

After you installed it on your PC, you need to restart Outlook 2016. The plugin will be available in Outlook ribbon tab at the top.

Step 2 - Select the proper profile and enter correct CalDAV server hostname or URL.

To set up your calendar, you need the CalDAV hostname or URL of your calendar.

If your CalDAV server is already supported by ECO, select the profile directly from the list, such as FastMail.

If your CalDAV server is not supported directly by ECO, log in your Webmail and go to Calendar section. Try to find the CalDAV URL and copy & paste it into ECO's Calendar URL in profile #21.

Enter your username and password. Then click TEST, Apply and Quit.

Step 3 - Open Outlook and click ECO CalDAV Synchronizer

Open Outlook and click the ribbon tab EVO's CalDAV synchronization add-in at the top of your screen.

Step 4 - Click Configure Profiles

Click Configure Profiles to start setting up your calendar.

Step 5 - Add a new profile

Now, you need to configure a profile for your Webmail calendar.

In profiles list to the left, try to locate the service you want to synchronize with.
If your service is not found, try to enter the CalDAV synchronization URL directly.

Step 6 - Select CalDAV folder in Outlook

Next, you need to select the folder where the calendar will be saved on your computer. If you don't change it, default folder will be used.

Click the FOLDER button to the right of Default CalDAV calendar folder name.

Select the Calendar folder under your Outlook Data File (PST) or under your Exchange OST profile.

Step 7 - Enter your server settings

If your server is found in the list, just enter username and password and click TEST.
Otherwise you need to enter your server settings.

  • CalDAV calendar URL: the URL you copied from Webmail earlier.
  • Username: Your email address.
  • Password: Your password.

Then click TEST, Apply and Quit.

Step 8 - All done

Your calendar is now configured. Any change made in Outlook or on Webmail will be synchronized within an interval..

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