How to auto BCC in Outlook?

At work, we write many emails every day. When some recipients should receive a carbon copy (CC), Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 provides a Rules and Alerts feature, which conducts an automated message forwarding to a list of people under certain conditions. However, this feature cannot fulfill our needs to send a blind carbon copy (BCC) to recipients who are not supposed to be reveled in the mail circulation.

To achieve this auto bcc task, we need to implement VBA codes or use a third-party Outlook add-in tool. I think it is too much a hassle to do the coding, so I would rather use an Outlook add-in. One of Power Toys for Outlook’s features is to auto bcc for you. 
It is quite simple and steps are as below:

1. Download Power Toys for Outlook from EVO’s Official website.

2. Close Outlook and run setup.exe with administrator’s privilege.

3. Open Outlook and click on Power Toys ribbon at top.

4. Click on Configure BCC rule.

5. Enter email address(es) under Automatically send BCC to Email addresses:

6. In fields next to From, To, Subject, Body and Attachment name, select operands among equals, not equals, contains one of, contains none of.

7. In fields next to operands, enter keywords for PTO to compare against.

8. Click on SAVE and QUIT.

This is an easy-to-use auto BCC tool. It is a pity that it only manages one rule. Hopefully, future updates will support multiple rules.

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