How do I sync Baïkal Server with Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019?

Outlook with CardDAV sync Baïkal? with CalDAV sync Baïkal?

A German dude from my company was chatting about discontinued Google Calendar Synchronization service. He then migrated to a open-source Baikal CardDAV/CalDAV server (now this project is maintained by sabre.io). He is doing fine on his iPhone but he worried more about what to use for his Outlook?

It sounds interesting that everyone is searching for an alternative to Google Calendar Synchronization service. The following is a testdrive to see if EVO Collaborator for Outlook can handle Baïkal Server?
  1. Within ECO, I simply input the following Baikal CardDAV url or Baikal CalDAV url and it went through Baikal autodiscovery.
    https://<domain or ip>:<port>/baikal/
  2. After entering username and password, I can now access Baikal CardDAV/CalDAV services.
I then passed this URL to my colleague and told him to try it with his own hand. The result came out fine as expected! That is really cool!

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