How to setup a mail server on windows - part 3/4 mail server software setup

How to setup a mail server on windows - part 3/4

Mail Server Software setup

Here, we use EVO Mail Server as an example for demonstration:

1.    Download the EVO Mail Server from EVO’s Official Website

2.    Run Setup.exe as administrator.

3.    Run EVO Mail Server GUI and go to “Settings” tab. Enter yourdomain.com in space next to “Primary domain”.

4.    Go to “Status” tab. Scroll down to “Server setting status” section. Click “Circling” symbol to the right to set up Windows Firewall.

5.    Go to “Accounts” tab. Click on “New” to create a new account by entering all necessary information such as name, department, contact numbers, username, password and etc.

Optional setup

1.    Besides mail service, you enable ECA (EVO Collaboration Add-on) to provide your users calendar and contact (address book) services.

a.     Go to “Settings” tab and scroll down to “9. EVO Collaboration Add-ons: CardDAV and CalDAV Setting”

b.     Click the “Enabled” switch to “YES”

c.     You will be prompted to download and install ECA and VC++ 2008.

d.     Click on “Check conf.” and then click on “START” to start DAV service

2.    EVO Mail Server provides webmail for your convenience along with web-GUI user account utility.

a.     Download“EvoServ” from EVO Official Website and unzip the downloaded evoserv.zip to C:\

b.     Run a DOS prompt as administrator

c.     Change directory to C:\EvoServ and run “C:\EvoServ\serviceinstall.bat”

3.    Verify DNS setup on “Status” tab.


1.    Notes for Internet Explorer – Please make sure you install Internet Explorer 8 or later and complete all related Windows Updates.

2.    Notes for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users – You must update your Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 to the latest service packs to run.


1.    EVO Mail Server – This state-of-the-art mail server software provides you with stable running longevity while not losing its performance.

2.    EVO Collaborator for Outlook – This Outlook add-in tool enables you to synchronize your way to various CardDAV/CalDAV services you see on the market. You are constantly kept up with your calendar and contacts anywhere you go.

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